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Star Sailor Wind Turbine integrated in hybrid UPS platform, 24/7 power

Star Sailor Wind to begin new turbines sales in November 2018. Main features include reliability and low-maintenance requirements for a new uninterruptible power supply (UPS) based on the existing Star Sailor Wind Phantom Hybrid™ product. The new UPS platform will include Star Sailor's new high-lift rotor and continuing limited lifetime rotor warranty.

The 600-watt to 1-kW Phantom platform utilizes one to two stacked 2-m Star Sailor WInd Phantom turbines and one to two high-efficiency PV solar panels. The integration and ratio of wind to solar will be based on latitude and application.

The new Star Sailor Wind Turbine UPS platform provide 24/7 power to a variety of applications including communications, virtual fencing and security, Wi-Fi, satellite telemetry, commercial lighting, electronic signage and drone charging stations.

New Star Sailor Wind project integrates Wi-Fi, cameras and sensors to study urban wildlife, local MicroGrid system

Star Sailor Wind's new high-lift T-Com UPS product is being integrated to monitor a variety of new features in its urban test area. Cameras, weather station and Wi-Fi provide a basis to study rain water run-off and control, soil erosion and the incorporation of eco-services in an urban area. The National Wildlife Federation certified habitat offers dedicated wooded habitat, salamander towers, bat boxes, bee houses, and cultivated clover to support a healthy environment for local wildlife.

Northfield Project, off-the-grid buildings integrating Star Sailor Wind Turbines

The Northfield Project 2101 Team is beginning its two-year project to study new concepts for off-the-grid, energy independent commercial buildings, airports and housing. The Project Team has a similar integrated hybrid system to power waste water plants and an off-the-grid tech center utilizing Star Sailor Wind technologies.

Currently, the majority of energy independent housing is in the $500,000-$2,000,000 range with few options for mid-range or entry level housing. The new building technology supported by data and methods learned from the development of commercial buildings and the Star Sailor HQ projects are providing new perspectives on housing, food and energy security. From living walls growing vegetables to advanced thermal management designs, the new buildings will provide energy independence and new concepts in adaptive multi-use construction.

Coming November 2018

Release date of the Star Sailor Wind Turbine products and Star Sailor Academy returns for new sessions on the state-of-the-art in renewable energy and built environments wind turbines (BEWT).

Join us for the release of our new product line and stay for the celebration. For more information please contact Ann by October 20th.


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