Star Sailor Wind, LLC.

The Power Behind the Technology™

The first biomimetic rotor with a limited lifetime warranty.

Reliable. Quiet. Bird and bat (and human) safe.

For the built environment and beyond.

Left: Star Sailor's innovative HQ design incorporating the first off-the-grid (OTG) multi-use world building with living walls, rain water collection, integrated wind turbines, wind powered Wi-Fi and dark skies lighting for the park like campus. Envisioned to be the first corporate campus powered and maintained through the integrated ecoservices.


Innovation in wind:the first high-lift, on-demand power vertical wind turbine

Star Sailor Wind, LLC. is the newest member of the Star Sailor Group. Offering the next generation of vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) designed with biomimetic rotors. A first in wind energy, the first high-lift VAWT tested and refined with the only limited lifetime rotor warranty. And most importantly, wind turbines that can generate electricity with no wind, thanks to Star Sailor Power's On-Demand Power Module.

Innovation for the built environment:A revolution in BEWT technology

Star Sailor Wind wind turbines have been engineered for safety and quiet operation in the built environment. The first modular, stackable BEWT products actually designed to be part of existing structures. Whether placed in walls or mounted in towers, on roofs, on bridges, or any other appropriate structure, Star Sailor Wind BEWT systems harness the best in ecoservices.

Innovation for not just energy security, but national security

Star Sailor was founded not only by scientists and engineers recognized for excellence in innovation, it was founded by professionals from national security centers. Star Sailor's mission has always been to improve our national security through energy independence and innovation in power technologies.

Star Sailor Wind Turbines self-powered UPS networks

Remote, Off-the-Grid, MicroGrid and secure power require reliability and innovation. The most critical challenges today converge to create what could be the perfect storm. Star Sailor has dedicated more than a decade of R&D and field testing to produce the most rugged reliable wind turbines for communications, security, water purification, mobile computing and resource management.


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